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    My wife filed for divorce again. She is struggling with alcohol and mental health issues. We have ...

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    Lord touch Larry heart and spirit to return to you and call mother.

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  • 🙏 402

    Blessings Favor of a Happy Passionate Loving Honest Loyal Trusting Marriage with Clifton our kids Re...

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  • 🙏 473

    Please pray that my eyesight returns as divine health. Please pray that my grandchildren will stop t...

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  • 🙏 515

    Please pray for my healing of alopecia and hair damage, skin bumps all over my legs and continued st...

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  • 🙏 70

    I want to get out of this storm that I have been in. I want a financial way to retire from public s...

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    Pray for direction and guidance and wisdom I need from the Lord. Pray for a new place to live in a s...

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    Prayer for debt cancelation for car payment so I can be free to bless ministries to spread the Word...

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    Please pray that God will send me an awesome man to be my husband and a father figure to my sons. I ...

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