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Here at Woodlands Church, we believe in the power of prayer. When you use this form to let us know about your prayer request, our staff is committed to praying for you. In addition to this, you can choose to have your request displayed on the Woodlands Church Prayer Board. This will make your request visible to your church family, which will allow even more people to lift up your request in prayer. Use the visibility field below to let us know how you would like your request handled.

Your personal information (Name) will not be visible on the prayer board

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If you chose to have your prayer request visible on the Prayer Board, we can let you know when people are praying for you. Selecting 'Realtime' will notify you (via email and text) up to twice each hour when someone has just prayed for you. Selecting 'Daily' will send you (via email and text) each morning, a summary of the prayers you received the previous day. Selecting 'Weekly' will send you (via email and text) on Sunday evenings, a summary of the prayers you received that week. Each message will also give you the ability to opt-out of receiving future notifications for this prayer request.